Family activities to celebrate Lunar New Year

Family activities to celebrate Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year or Tết holds a special place in Vietnamese people’s heart. It is an occasion for family gatherings, celebrating a gone-by year, and expecting all the best in the new year. Many traditions involve in the preparation and celebration of Tết, such as, the Day for Land Genie and Kitchen Gods (ngày lễ ông Công ông Táo) or rituals on the 30th day of December—cleaning the altar, making an offer and praying, worshipping or cooking Chưng cake. For those families who do not get to spend time in Vietnam during Tết, there are still many ways to do that. Here are three family activities that parents and children can do to celebrate Tết together!

Decoration set

1. Reading books about Tết together

There are a variety of books that teach children about cultural traditions about Tết. While each book entails different storylines, introducing children and reading the books aloud with them help them better understand why parents and grandparents celebrate Tết in different ways and the cultural significance of each tradition

Truyen co tich hay nhat ve Tet2.

2. Decorating the house together

Peach blossom and apricot blossom are signature flowers of Tết. However, if children live places where they are not popular, parents still can engage children in decorating the house with new year decoration ornaments and replace the flowers with available plants. What is important to keep in mind as parents and children decorate the house together for Tết, is to remind children of the meaning behind the work—to cleaning up unfortunate things of the past year and welcoming a new year with a clean and colorful house.

Here are simple ideas for decorating a new year tree.  

set treo trang tri Tet 2024

3. Giving lucky money and talking with kids about its cultural significance 

Kids and even adults are excited about getting lucky money. It is not really about the amount of money that is in the red envelope, but more about the belief of how lucky money can bring luck, health, and best wishes to receivers. There is also a good opportunity to teach kids about how to wisely use the lucky money, as part of financial literacy learning for children of 21st century. Whether your kids want to keep the money in their piggy banks or open up their little bank accounts, parents can talk about the implications of saving and investing, even with a small amount!

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Lucky money envelop

 There are many more activities that parents and children can do together to celebrate Lunar New Year Tết together! Stay tuned for more!

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