6 Youtube channels for kids to learn Vietnamese listening and speaking skills

6 Youtube channels for kids to learn Vietnamese listening and speaking skills

Youtube can be a helpful tool for learning languages. For overseas Vietnamese parents, we want to make the best use of Youtube channels to help our kids learn Vietnamese. Viet Bookstore would like to introduce 6 Youtube Channels that are appropriate for Vietnamese oversea children. 

  1. VOI TIVI https://www.youtube.com/@voitv2859

Voi TV is a highly interesting and interactive Youtube channel for children to learn Vietnamese through songs. Most of the actors speak Southern accents. One of the most loved videos by Voi TIVI is the Learning the Vietnamese Alphabet with famous artists.    

voi tivi youtube

  1. Cocomelon Tiếng Vit- https://www.youtube.com/@CoComelonVietnamese

Cocomelon is already very familiar with children across the globe. Cocomelon Vietnamese uses the same sound tracks with the English version and translates the lyrics into Vietnamese. Kids can listen to their favorite rhythms while immersing in Vietnamese.   


  1. Pink_fong tiếng Vit https://www.youtube.com/@Pinkfong_Vietnamese

Another all-time-favorite Youtube Channel is Pink fong with hits such as Baby Shark. Pink fong Vietnamese is also love by many children and parents because the songs are translated smoothly and close to the Vietnamese language.   

 pink fong

  1. POP KIDS https://www.youtube.com/@popskids/videos

POPS Kids has a variety of contents for children. One of POP Kids’s strengths is the childhood cartoon series such as Doraemon and Maruko.   

 pop kids

  1. Câu chuyn c tích Vit Nam https://www.youtube.com/@FairyTalesVietnamese

If parents and children want to listen to fairy tales in Vietnamese dubbed by Southern-accent artists, don’t miss out on the Câu chuyn c tích Vit Nam. The fairy tales are told in clear and sweet voices which  will be very appealing for kids or be used as bedtime story.   

vietnamese fairy tales 

  1. Mommy and me Vietnamese-Learn with The He Tre TV https://www.youtube.com/@TheHeTreTV

Mommy and me Vietnamese is a Youtube channel established by Vietnamese American parents. The channel aims at teaching Vietnamese for overseas Vietnamese children across the world. One interesting thing about the channel is provided in bilingual with subtitles. The videos are designed into topics, which makes it easier for kids to learn Vietnamese in topics. 

mommy and me

Do you have any other favourite channels? 

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